Episode 005 -
Kourtney Branagan

In this fifth episode of Your Neck of The Woods Jacob and his co-host, Jason sit down and talk with Kourtney Branagan, candidate for Ward 11, and discuss her views on the upcoming elections and issues affecting both the city and her ward.

So sit back, relax, grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and get to know your future councillor at your own pace.

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Show Notes

As we all know the 2021 election is one of the biggest things happening in Your Neck of the Woods this year. While we can agree that this podcast is focused on Ward 1 whoever represents this Ward will have to work with 14 other people. That’s why Jason and I have committed to highlighting candidates from the other races in the election. This will also bring a wide range of perspectives to the show. After all, Your Neck of the Woods is meant to be a conversation.

This week Jason and I sit down with Ward 11 candidate Kourtney Branagan to get her perspectives on running to replace mayoral candidate, and polarizing figure in the Calgary political scene Jeromy Farkas. I ask Kourtney some of her views on making the Council more collaborative and we both share our thoughts on urban sprawl and development in the city, even getting into a quick debate on the Guidebook for Great Communities. Listen and see what myself, and Ward 11 candidate Kourtney Branagan think of what’s going on in Your Neck of the Woods!

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