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Episode 002 -
Mental Health

In this second episode of Your Neck of The Woods Jacob and his co-host, Jason sit down and talk about the mental health issues surrounding Calgarians, the lack of support, and how to best support those with mental health issues now and moving forward.

So sit back, relax, grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and get to know your future councillor at your own pace.

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Show Notes

I don’t know about you but I’ve found this last year to be quite a challenge from a mental health standpoint. What’s strange is this isn’t a new issue between the opioid epidemic, and the economic downturn in Alberta this is something that’s been going on in your neck of the woods for quite a long time. Covid and the isolation that has come along with it have merely emphasized how underprepared we are to deal with a friend or loved one in a mental health crisis.


Today Jason and I talk about the impact of Covid on our mental health and those around us. How often it’s difficult to know where to begin when you or somebody you love me and help, common flaws in approaches we see like creating meaningless frameworks and action strategies, and how mental health needs to be seen as a way of improving overall health taking pressure off our crisis-based system.


We discuss how practical steps could be taken at the city level to reduce the number of people in crisis and how we can remove financial insecurity as a barrier. It’s one thing to know where to start when you realize you need help but you need to be able to afford to get that help and space needs to be available. This is an issue that affects all of us, many times on a personal level and so often practical solutions are papered over in favour of words and pronouncements from the government whether that be federally, provincially, or from the City Council.


At the same time, we also discuss a food drive that will be covering Northwest Calgary this spring so that we can do some good for the many thousands of us that need it! Remember, there’s always something good happening in your neck of the woods!

This is something I find sorely lacking at all levels of political discussion and I want and do my part of the change. This episode will introduce you to me and Jason and to the conversational style we hope to bring to many issues. I have my bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Calgary and have spent a good chunk of my life volunteering in the disability community, with the city of Calgary, and with the Calgary Rocky Ridge Conservative Association. I hope to bring a solution-focused lens to the things we talk about. No virtue signalling, and no shouting down the other person in the room. As a Calgarian with a disability, I also hope to lend a unique perspective and know that honest communication is the first step to getting things done.

Jason was a high school classmate of mine and has his criminal justice degree from Mount Royal University. This combined with his business experience as Gen. manager in the cannabis industry gives him a wide knowledge base on a number of topics. As somebody who has known him for a long time, his infectious personality makes recording the show a joy! Today, you’ll start to get to know us and hopefully want to walk the path with this as we learn more about Calgary and the people who live in it. Politics will be a major part of what you hear but I hope you’re also entertained as you learn what’s happening in Your Neck of the Woods!

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