Our Vision

My name is Jacob McGregor, I’m a born and raised Calgarian. I love that I call this place home. But I am sure most of us would agree that lately things have been difficult. However, as in other hard times we’ve seen inexhaustible efforts by Calgarians to stand with one another even when we have to be apart.

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jacob mcgregor campaign tuscany stationary

My parents taught me growing up that wanting things to change and get better isn’t enough, you have to put in the work, advocate for the things you need, and if you think you can make it better make it happen. That’s why today I’m announcing that I will seek election to city Council representing Ward 1. If we want to keep building a thriving, vibrant, city now and for future generations; we must reengage at a grassroots level. This will be an all-out, effort to connect with the communities and people in Ward 1. To get a better sense of the issues that matter to you, projects that would improve your life, and to get a sense of where you want your community to be in the future.

Our shared vision will also reinforce that city council’s role is to serve and improve the lives of everyone living in Calgary not its own vanity and self-interest. In talking to my friends and neighbours I have heard many times that they feel disconnected from the process and the decision makers in Calgary. Our vision will give you a voice at the table; in addition to fiscal accountability, the streamlining of city processes, the full funding and employment of city services; especially as it relates to first responders, an easily accessible city curated database of local mental health services, investment in suburban infrastructure improvement , and a reinvigoration of arts, culture, and amateur sport in the city.

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Let’s get to work! Together we can make our vision a reality!